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Cover for Volume 13: Number 3: Oct, 2017

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Volume 13: Number 3: Oct, 2017

Feature Article: Better and Best: The New Way

By Suzette Lovely, Ed.D.

When most of us grew up, American products were primarily made and sold in the United States. Employees competed for jobs with people who lived in the same town or region. Employability boiled down to basic reading and writing skills and perhaps a bit of math if you had to do calculations for your work. The education you received prepared you with a set of basic skills that likely met the job description and could be implemented on the first day of work. 


Enter the 21st Century environment where a new era of competition is creating a significant and unarguable need to prepare our students for a world of work much different than in 1980. Good and average will likely no longer be categories where students can garner mid-level positions. Our students need to be better than average and the best of the employment pool to compete. 


While it’s easy to blame ‘external’ factors like immigration or free trade agreements for this new era of competition, the real culprit is globalization. The unfettered movement of people, goods, services, and financial capital across borders and time zones has allowed every country to be a player in the world market.  



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